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9 Supplements Proven to Help You Overcome Addiction and Withdrawal

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Vitamins B6 and B12 play important roles in producing blood cells and supporting the health of the nervous system. Other good sources of vitamin B6 include bananas, avocados, and peanuts. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal byproducts, which includes dairy and eggs. “Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that plays a critical role in helping the brain and nervous system function,” says Ashley Kitchens, RDN, of Plant Centered Nutrition. If you’ve ever found yourself licking the salt off your fingers after you finish a bag of potato chips, you know how satisfying salt can be. But food high in sodium can lead to a variety of health problems, including weight gain, high cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Effects of Alcohol Use on Nutrient Absorption

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Quitting Alcohol – Verywell Mind

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Quitting Alcohol.

Posted: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It’s crucial to engage with your healthcare provider when considering vitamin supplementation as a means of support during your recovery. Doctors can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific needs, medical history, and existing conditions. You may also consider taking multivitamin supplements containing B1, B2, B3, B6, and vitamin C to alleviate alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Should I Take Vitamins During Alcohol Detox?

They say the combination of pain relief and stress relief is just what they need to stay focused and positive when working out. Daily dosing with dietary supplements is a convenient and consistent way to maintain wellness. Supplements are easy to store and carry, so you can take them with you on busy days or when traveling. Melissa Prest, R.D., D.C.N. is a registered dietitian nutritionist and holds a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition degree from Rutgers University.

  • Thiamine is the most important vitamin for anyone suffering or previously suffering from alcohol addiction.
  • Whether you’ve suffered from withdrawals or you’re trying to help someone else, you’ll want to become familiar with the withdrawal vitamins listed below.
  • As we mentioned earlier, regular alcohol consumption leads to a depletion of vital vitamins and nutrients.
  • Dietary supplements range in price depending on strength, ingredients, size and other specs.

Vitamins to Take After Drinking

  • Deficiencies in vitamin B1 can lead to cell damage or cell death.
  • For those recovering from alcoholism, incorporating omega-3 fatty acids into their diet can aid in repairing alcohol-induced damage to the brain and promote overall mental well-being.
  • Research shows that drinking a lot over a long time — as in alcohol use disorder — often leads to poor nutrition.
  • Older adults should check with their doctor to see if they need to supplement at a higher dose.

We recommend speaking with your doctor about how heavy drinking has impacted your body, and which supplements will be the most safe and useful for you as an individual. Other new habits, such as regular exercise, mindfulness practice, and a healthier diet, can all contribute to boosting your health in recovery. People who drink alcohol are at higher risk of calcium deficiency, since alcohol interferes best vitamins for recovering alcoholics with your body’s ability to properly absorb this vital nutrient. If you’re in recovery from alcohol use disorder, adding this supplement into your diet can help with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and many other issues that might trigger alcohol cravings. DL-phenylalanine can also be a useful supplement for alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol interferes with the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Why Does Alcohol Withdrawal Cause Food Cravings?

I have a medicine cabinet filled with the aforementioned supplements, and it feels good to know that I have them just in case I need them. Learn more about the role of benzodiazepines for alcohol withdrawal. I discovered that quality supplements can significantly alleviate withdrawal.

Too much alcohol can cause inflammation in your stomach lining and pancreas. It also affects your body’s ability to absorb B vitamins and folic acid. It can trigger irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, and other gastrointestinal illnesses, too. In a 2011 study, 20 participants recovering from AUD took a dietary supplement with D-phenylalanine, L-glutamine, and 5-HTP during detox. Results indicated reduced psychiatric symptoms and improved mental well-being and immune function.

what vitamins are good for recovering alcoholics

what vitamins are good for recovering alcoholics

what vitamins are good for recovering alcoholics

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Vitamins B6 and B12 play important roles in producing blood cells and supporting the health…

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