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My name is Malicky Boaz, I am a Google Local Guide level 6 from Morogoro Tanzania. I am proud to be a Local Guide because it allows me to share my passion for photography by capturing the beauty of different places and share with the world. 

Caption: Bondwa-Peak-Morogoro-January 11,-2019

One day my friend and I were having dinner and he started talking about Google Local Guide initiative, I was immediately interested to know what it was all about. He explained in detail and guess what? I posted my first review from that very restaurant that evening! It has been great for me to post reviews that helped many people make the right choices, as many of those choices will be part of pleasant memories.

I feel privileged to give back to my community because as a user myself know how much reviews and photos matter to organisations and business enterprises in gauging own performance relative to peers in a similar industry. 

Being a photographer, this program allows me to share photos of different places so I create awareness by inspiring others to go and explore by themselves. My home city has a offers scenic Mountains, Waterfalls, Forests, Hiking Trails and beautiful weather.

Caption: Morogoro-view-by-Night-April 19th-2019
Caption: Uluguru-Mountains-Morogoro-Hiking-Trails-January 11,2019
Caption: Kinole-Waterfalls.-February 27th, 2019

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