Bondwa Peak Moro


Bondwa Peak is the third peak in Uluguru Mountains. it is about 2080 Meters high above sea level. At the summit you will be able to see the view of Morogoro Town when it is not cloudy. On the way to Bondwa peak you might see black and white colobous monkeys, bird watching and you can see small reptiles.

Hiking to Bondwa
View of Morogoro from the Peak

– You will need to hire bodaboda or climb from morogoro town to morning site through towelo village. It takes 25 min to 30 using bodaboda while hiking takes 1:30min to 2 hours from morogoro town.
-From Morning Site ,It takes 2-3 Hours to reach the bondwa summit -Descending from bondwa to morning site takes 1:30 before you start going down to morogoro town.
-it’s very cold around bondwa throughout a year
-Its wet and slippery every morning
-If you ‘re planing to camp up there make sure you carry enough supplies and proper cold cloths
-Cold hits from 16:45 -Wind is kinda strong at times 

Packing my stuff ready to descend

Happy Travel !

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